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JiffyNest will buy any house “as is” directly from you. All you need to do is search your address and JiffyNest’s revolutionary home offering system will calculate a range we are willing to pay for your house in seconds. It’s smart, convenient and free to try!

Who We Are

Zero Fees.

Zero Agents.

Zero Commissions.

Everything’s free when you sell your house directly to JiffyNest™. We offer complete transparency with zero fees, zero commissions and zero headaches. JiffyNest™ is completely licensed, monitored by the Department of Real Estate and ready to buy your house free of charge.

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Sell Us Your House in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1 – Search Your Address

Step 2 – View Your Cash Offer

Step 3 – Sell To JiffyNest

Follow the 3 simple steps to get your smart cash offer and let JiffyNest buy your house today. JiffyNest buys perfect houses, ugly houses, inherited houses, rental houses, houses in foreclosure and much more. Sell today and join the thousands of homeowners who’ve happily sold to JiffyNest™

Get Your Money In Advance

We all like a little extra spending money. At JiffyNest, we can give you a portion of your money from the sale before the close of escrow. On average JiffyNest gives advances up to $25,000. There are zero fees and zero headaches to get your money in advance. Simply sell your house today and get your money now!