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Saving time and money are just some of the advantages of selling your house directly to JiffyNest™. Read what our clients have to say and connect with thousands of verified home sellers who’ve chosen JiffyNest™ as their direct homebuyer.


Ruth G.
Ruth is a verified seller from Torrance, Ca who sold her house directly to JiffyNest™.

"My son recommended I try JiffyNest and I am so glad I did. Everyone I spoke to was so friendly and smart. Truly a blessing!"


Verdel and Lisa
Verdel and Lisa are verified sellers from Oakland, Ca who sold directly to JiffyNest™

"Our house was getting pretty old and we were not interested in fixing it. JiffyNest gave us a great offer and bought our house in 10 days."


Claire and Hannah
Calire and Hannah are verified sellers from Riverside, Ca who sold directly to JiffyNest™

"I sold my father's house I inherited to help my daughter, Hannah, pay for nursing school. JiffyNest is amazing and gave us a great offer."


Sandy C.
Sandy is a verified seller from San Diego, Ca who sold directly to JiffyNest™

"Selling to JiffyNest was the smartest and best choice for me. Honestly, I would have let the bank take my house if I didn't find them."


David A.
David is a verified seller from Los Angeles, Ca who sold directly to JiffyNest™

"The rental property I bought was in bad shape and I had a family member living there. JiffyNest bought my house and made life easy again."


Cari B.
Cari is a verified seller from San Jose, Ca who sold her home directly to JiffyNest™

"I inherited a house that was an absolute disaster. I drove to the house to pick up some family heirlooms and met JiffyNest at the same time. JiffyNest gave me my money a week later."