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JiffyNest is the fastest, most reliable homebuyer nationwide. We have been buying houses for 30 years and counting.

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Over 100,000+ homeowners nationwide have worked with JiffyNest to simply sell their home. JiffyNest buys houses directly from homeowners by providing technology driven offers backed by real data. Simply view your price range, get your Same-Day Offer and sell directly to JiffyNest any day you choose.

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JiffyNest designed a revolutionary new system that can calculate a price range in seconds. Search your address and we will instantly evaluate your property’s location, current condition, nearby comparable houses, potential rents, and much more. It’s intelligent technology that works for you!

Sell Good. Feel Good.

JiffyNest believes in making smart investments that encourage a more sustainable future for local communities by increasing property values, hiring local businesses, using environmentally friendly materials, and planting climate responsive landscapes. Selling your house to JiffyNest means you are making a smart choice, not just for you, but for the future of your local community.

Locally Grown In Los Angeles & San Francisco

We are a family owned and operated company that began in Los Angeles and San Francisco 30 years ago. Inspired by technology and innovation, JiffyNest has grown quite a bit, but we’ve kept to our beliefs that the client always comes first. Sell us your house today and join the thousands of sellers who’ve chosen JiffyNest to buy their house.

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We are simply the easiest way to sell any house in any condition. We are going to shop until we drop. Search your address, view your price range and receive your Same-Day Offer with a written purchase agreement today.